Qualification of sports club owners to think the Yokohama Bay Stars sale

DeNA seems to be a promising candidate in the sale of the Yokohama Bay Stars destination.
However, Monk can be heard many things from the periphery owners and baseball.

● companies you do not know well is not suitable.· If you do not top notch companies
● ··· If you do not the companies operating in the local

Such a thing happen??
That it might be good even without my leading companies in a historic even not from Yokohama.

I think Mark Cuban is the owner of the helix all Dallas-mer NBA I like (Mark Cuban) Mr.’s a respectable owners.
He is a businessman, but is also the leading companies Mattakumotte Nabetsune like say companies that he has been owned.
However, he is a big fan of dusting, it became the owner and the acquisition of sprinkling was a weak team at the time.The locker room of the home court until such as luxury, we have improved the team invested in the property generously own.It has been watching intently also match dusting, it is enough to be sent off in protest to the referee sometimes.

It is Mr. Cuban the owner is not a first-class company, but it is the person who such a person what I want to become the owner.
The suspicious fairly speaking and leading companies in Japan even has a sports club, and whether there is any feelings such as Mr. Cuban.

Speaking of no further local love, you have Abramovich of Chelsea English Premier League.He is a Russian, it is not even Englishmen.However, I have invested generously to private property team.

Blue-chip companies or will be a respectable owners?If Toyota and Honda, feelings toward race, such as the F1 related would be strong.
However, do you think there is a love for sports teams is not so?
It is unlikely that the super-major companies of Japan to the management of the sports teams eagerly.Logic of management as large companies is likely to work rather.
You think that it is appropriate than large companies of ultra-large, towards the wealthy and emerging company with a passion is to own a sports club.
Of course, it would be nice if the owner Tsugikomeru the enthusiasm and generous gold in leading companies.