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Future of Japan to take it is seniority? Either quit in three years why young people (Kobunsha Shinsho)
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at 11.10.22
Castle Shigeyuki Kobunsha

Appreciation of the yen against the dollar proceeds rapidly in overseas markets of the 21st, the yen was highs in about 2 months.As background and uncertainty of emerging economic and financial problems of European countries, and he began to move again to circle asset buying it is a relatively safe asset.FRB is also speculation and whether not embark on (QE3) third round of quantitative easing also, will be much better on the material of the yen buying.But I, it can not be said to compliment Japan as safe.Pension age hike are discussed, and the 11 year-end, the so-called “debt of your country” has become a prospect to go through 1000 trillion yen finally.Was it a hurry If you leave this indeed, credit of Japanese government bonds is eliminated, that it might be to become like Greece, politicians have begun to discuss the tax increase of the consumption tax and income tax.

In addition, it is said that the severity of the employment situation of students is transmitted newspaper, television, the net, and even to be in a state that did not win the nomination Nearly half of the students who declined to graduation as daily.In addition, focusing on global companies, with anaerobic and strong yen, high tax rates and regulations of Japan, seeking to escape Japan desperately.The exaggeration to say that age every year salary up longer, post, such as a director or manager is prepared to be accustomed to a certain number of years, After leaving, and can be life leisurely and with the retirement of its own way and was end would not be.

Well this book has a configuration to reflect on seniority system that was successful in the Showa era, and questioned, called us to suggest a new way.”Why youth is leaving in three years?For that reason “, I have cited the environmental factors that mature” and “career-change market first.It can be said this is a thing that was written in ’06, but changing jobs market with a focus on youth,’s growth industry today.I have reasons why “companies that shift to pinpoint the adoption of each business from headquarters batch method were numerous” and further.Young people to read properly, to build a clear career plan, I began to strive for that, the speculation that demand side of these (companies).You have described to “awareness of work” is too high for that, gap occurs in the business that are allocated to the business you had hoped, people quit is either not came out.

And as the biggest factor, it cites “that it has perceive that there is a possibility that is allowed to work for free” youth.The seniority system, to continue the tissue to be maintained a constant growth is difficult.Because It is because will not be able to the human resources that you can increase the annual salary, get to the specific posts, and be paid a bonus of expensive.But so as to hide it, by creating a post of only pretense, you can no longer pay the overtime, companies, but to cut or retirement.In companies I wonder should adopt what the system now.

It might not with the elimination of dismissal regulations Again, only continue to build a Japanese-style performance-based system.Mind you, but I am against to be employed in Japanese companies as it is a merit-based system of foreign companies.It might be the system to fit in some people, but for people and companies of all, it’s not considered such a system and fit.Calmly very, performance-based system of foreign companies willing to quantify the results and the ability of people.This is also the advantage, he is also a disadvantage.If you become a manager level, there is no difference to know what% higher whether there are certain employees, to what% lower and whether there.Then, for example, very great company of people if lauch a word of command, “Because it is recession this year, will be cut to 20 percent lower”, and it is possible to carry out the human organize mechanically.And should I decide to fit the economic situation at that time, and also with respect to withdrawal of the upper layer, this number is, the story is only good if Mace Masonry bonus so as not to change jobs.

Would some people can not accept a person be accepted from cultural issues to such a system.Era of development in the 19th century, the United States came running was non-seeking frontier.You had better incorporating the competition system from this era background, he was good efficiency in the growth.So not necessarily because you are incorporating in Japan such a system, if you want to succeed.But, that you have to incorporate a performance-based system to some extent it is true.Globalization in recent years has been remarkable, the population of emerging markets continues to grow, the economy has continued to grow rapidly.Salary differences of the inhabitants of developed countries and residents of emerging countries are becoming filled with tremendous speed.

While the background is also such a thing, jobs in developed countries are threatened, wages reduced, such as “Wall Street occupation Demo” occurs, to determine the disparities, anxiety has spread to young people overall in the United States.But I, for people living in developed countries we, that the fight against this wave of globalization’s a way that can not be avoided.Even try to criticize the “unequal society”, the difference between the poor and those who now also increasingly rich spreads.So, before it’s too late, and those who put up on the seniority system of just early Toko pretense, strict this, you have stepped into the cruel world, way to survive might be wearing.