Center of attention in Shigemori Satomi natural remark!

Popular variety program of Fuji TV “Mechamechaiketeru~tsu! Shigemori Satomi it is also a member of the “popularity has skyrocketed.I have attracted attention with!? Problems such remarks she is too natural.

The other day, speaking of the problem thing “Nakayoshi TV” of (Fuji TV series) that was broadcast on October 20.Topics different every time, in the variety show to your country proud while comparing and differences in the three countries, including Japan, this show about television programs of the three countries of Japan, China and Korea The theme of this day.After the description of the countries Japan and became popular worldwide China, and various variety shows of popular Korean audition program large is calling the popular drama beginning with “Winter Sonata”, and finally ” country TV is the most interesting?Question of the “is he came out, but where I Shigemori remarks” Hey, the “kana there is no sense for the TV show South Korea.It might be impressions of ordinary, but Fuji TV where it declined to broadcast the start of the “99 days of star and I” drama actors of Korean and other actress of South Korea and Kim Tae Hee starring current.Remarks of her at this timing, from the audience, “In gaffe?” And “okay?Voice to worry about her and “went up.

However, the view that, will have no problem with respect to remarks of this time is often.In its natural charm of Shigemori pure character in your stupid little.Rather than that remark these also began to now, it was a remark natural and “I think those of the University of Tokyo is amazing than Nobel Prize” is also talk in the press recital once.It’s from stakeholders as it came out of the honest feelings, remarks this time also, it that, than wrong to select the word a little.

In fact, Soichiro Tahara of co-star also is speaking “CNN is better than watching TV in Japan” and similar questions in the program.From honest feelings, from a variety of aspects, including the experience of stacked, Shigemori wonder came the answer, “Those who make an effort more to any country make an interesting program is good” and two people both the Tahara , officials viewed as a.

No sarcasm and natural Shigemori Satomi, natural blur of her.But also “Mecha cool”, how you have tried hard while idling occasionally has gained the sympathy of the audience, and it has led to the popularity.How pure charm of what she going to be exhibited future? It seems no longer keep an eye on her future.

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