Morality of our country is large recession = China Anke was collapse than … 10 years ago

According to the questionnaire (electronic version) went environment Times, believes that Internet users of 80% has been setback is moral concept of China compared with ten years ago, as the cause of moral collapse, many users Khaikin I gave the spread of the principle (spread).

What morality level of China “current or changed compared to a decade ago?To the question of “users 86% answered that” the setback “,” retreated a little “was a 9.5%.Are you embody most “moral collapse or which areas?The question of multiple selectable called “, then 16.9% government officials is the most, 15% police, lawyers and judges, 13.3% doctors, 11.7% are entrepreneurs, entertainers 11 %, scholars and experts was the 9.7% teachers at 10.1%.

The main reason for the “moral collapse that’s what you think?The question of the “person of 44.2% is given the spread” and “greed, fraud and” are conducive to the sweet law due punishment to the “criminal person of 32.1% is the” law mentioned risk that can not protect the good deeds people, do good is “has led to wrongdoing.

When strangers “person is in trouble, do you think it would not want to get involved in the messy thing?The question of the “, accounting for 59.7% to match it is” think so well “and the” think so sure “, it was thought that” there is no such a thing “was 7.1%, slightly.What to do when you see life is a state of dangerous strangers “people, or lying?To the question of “person of 62.8% is the answer to phone in emergency or” police, and “stay away, and” help “direct It was 9.1%, slightly.In addition, it is the answer of 18.1% people to “sit back”, and “go away secretly”.

The question of the “Do I think it necessary conditions to protect the moral is to achieve a success” and the human 59.4 percent responded negatively, of respondents needed it was only 28.6% slightly was.Do agree with the enactment of a law to boost make the right does have the “courage?The question of “75.2 percent answered” favor “,” against “was 12.4%.What you need in a “sincere society is something?The question of “who 28.9 percent answered” law “, 24.7% is” system “, 23.9% sensible” and “morality, director” and “public opinion was a 19%.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)