The British media – can not be hamstrung in the dilemma of rising prices and Reason = economic stimulus that “the glory of again” does not come to China economy

October 18, 2011, (electronic version) has announced the editorial entitled “China’s economic prosperity envy some people is to face the threat or why” the British Sky News.Ring and ball Times told 19 date.

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(GDP) growth rate of 9.1 percent gross domestic product in the third quarter of this year in China.This number’s of the jealousy of many countries, but should not be construed to dispel (dispel) the concern that China might be a hard landing.While you struggle all over the world tries to transform the economy plus somehow, China has weathered well the impact of the global economic slowdown.4 trillion yuan economic stimulus package of the largest ever that the Chinese government has launched the financial crisis of 2008 (approximately 48 trillion yen).China had become one of the main engine of world economic growth in the past two years.

Currently, orientation (versican) is visible relaxation to its development speed phenomenal, to worry about a hard landing of the Chinese economy also came out.China has maintained economic growth of more than 10% has become a figure lower than the 9.7% in the first quarter already in the latest data.Economists Some predict a hard landing if Ochikome unemployment problem, up to 6% massive even continued to grow at 8%.

a series of problems that China is facing is complicated.China’s economy is prone to tilt the European, North American economic recession, especially in the export-led.Recently, China has no longer be said to be low-cost production base in the world wage increase pressure of some areas, nightmare outflow Vietnam and Indonesia, to Africa is also assumed employment opportunities.Debt problem is one of the potential risk.Borrowings from the central government and local government agencies in China have up to one trillion pounds (about 120 trillion yen) already, there is also a prospect of which 700 billion pounds (about 85 trillion yen) that’s non-repayment forever.China is the middle of a battle with inflation currently further.Acceleration of price increases in the food of the last few months is affecting the poor.Pork prices up 50% in the same period last year.Even if there is a foreign currency reserve of 3 trillion dollars (about 230 trillion yen), the Chinese government will not go to the outrage that come up with economic stimulus measures that are likely to stimulate the price increase.(Translation and editing / Eiko Watanabe)