How can I take the “I?Professionalism high Miyazaki Aoi “Separated media coverage drove to hospital supervision!?

I mean after all “, I mean finally, discussions toward divorce in earnest seems to have been done.It is said to be settled within the year at the earliest “(sports newspaper reporter)

I was reported Takaoka Sousuke and actor Miyazaki Aoi actress married 07 years and have been estranged.

Also “In the past, even if either were out of the house temporarily, should never be developed into Separated.And, she I had also wanted his children but …… “(entertainment office parties)

And, private Miyazaki downhill.Still, I have sent a steady as ever actress industry at work.

It seems that even decide “Now, whether or not to appear to work after reading the script by yourself.Movies fact, came out she choose to just blockbuster none.In the “key of my mother” movie of the public next year, I was the Montreal World Film Festival Special Jury Grand Prix.Now, the movie being published also “Kamisamanokarute”, two months is passed from the public, but it is said people should be on still, and whether there Ikunja is 2 billion yen also box office “(film professionals)

Behind the hit of the “Kamisamanokarute,” and he was there is baptism relentless Miyazaki against director.

“First, Shenzhen Sakaeyo director young 35 years old, it’s really take”?It seems to have been a dubious “.So, it seems to have said, “Look at all the work that has come out of me, let what you take me,” said the director.Anyway, shoot I began by clearing the “challenges” that is, after the Miyazaki or fix without permission script, by changing the lines, finished shooting the anxiety of too much, and did I in the hospital and collapsed is.I thought Well, it’s show a commitment Because it is a professional and I know, but it’s very When you are together you were Anna wind at home “(movie staff)

Miyazaki Aoi, Maybe a Oniyome unexpectedly!?

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