Why Chinese 90% of what can not wash (1) = Chinese media

Recently, China Health Department has announced its first “national residents handwashing situation White Paper”.According to the White Paper, in a survey of the city and five provinces Beijing, Liaoning and Zhejiang, it is found that residents are made of correct hand washing that only 4%.I have a tendency that the higher cultural level of the population is high, correct hand washing rate rises.China network Japanese version (China net) was reported.

Hand washing is the Chinese more than 90% of “No”.- I was surprised a lot of people in this survey.Of course, this not indicate that Chinese is not an emphasis on hygiene, hand washing that I hate, it’s that not wearing the correct method of hand washing.The people who are able to “correct hand washing” on the basis of the World Health Organization to “hand washing standards” is not a place you would probably also how.For example, people who do not shed water a long time at the time of hand washing to conserve is not a minority.

It can be said that the method of correct hand washing, is the scientific sophistication of a kind naturally.In fact, people of 90% can not hand washing, is a sign of low level of scientific sophistication of the entire nation.According to the report of the China civil scientific sophistication survey conducted shortly before, people with a scientific sophistication basic in China in 2010 was 3.27%.

It’s the level of the late 1980s of the Prime Minister developed countries Canada and Japan, the European Union such as the (EU).As well as cultural level, is inseparable social progress, economic development and, given the disparities in developed countries and China, the low little scientific sophistication index of people and thing of course scientific sophistication say.However, it’s low so much it is not a normal still.The (: Yonehara Yuko editors Continued)