LG made a drum-type washing machine exploded in South Korea, to damage housewife bear the whole body burns …

The 25th, that the accident drum type washing machine of LG Electronics Co., Ltd. will explode in Korea occurs in the 21st, police authorities to perform a thorough examination jointly with Korea National Institute of Scientific Investigation revealed.

Washing machine in question, drum-type washing machine 2009 type LG has launched in Korea (12kg).Sudden explosion where the afternoon on the 21st, in the apartment of Haman County, South Gyeongsang Province, Park’s housewife (32) moves the washing machine.The Moeutsuri also clothes of Mr. Park and catch fire in the laundry, it was burned nearly 50% to the whole body.And that during treatment at the hospital now.

But, it is not clear even now it is what is outside, or whether there is in the washing machine body cause an explosion occurred.

Couple’s Park, because there is a possibility that because it has been moved to the apartment the day before an accident occurs, there is a problem in the external and the establishment of a washing machine.that and that the washing machine is not broken so much, window glass of the veranda opposite the place where the accident occurred is broken, that there is no precedent drum type washing machine exploded in Korea also, the view of the exterior problem theory are increasingly.

Also officials of LG, the case of a washing machine that uses the “electric motor, there is no mediator in an explosion.No accident that the washing machine will explode and not only that, but also a global perspective.I’m told the view is this accident, the accident “due to the external problem not a problem with the washing machine.

However, South Korea Some media, pointed out LG is has caused an explosion PDPTV, even notebook pressure cooker in ’04, in ’08.It is reportedly not completely say that not explode absolutely LG may say, “precedent washing machine explodes is not,” said anxiety of consumers and said that it has been growing.

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(Statement: Yumi Hayashi)

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