Popular model, “sister character” excavation audition held

Magazine “Ranzuki” in the December issue, sister excavation audition held popular models Suzuki Aya was announced.

[Suzuki Ayagaimoto Chara Wanted! Related photo]

Shitashimareru Aya Suzuki nicknamed “tin” is working as a (= Ranzuki model) R’s from about 4 years ago.Etc. decorate the cover in 18 consecutive months, it has made all the legend as a fashion icon of Teen generation.

It’s recruiting audition this time, people 1 “character sister” look-alike face and personality to not be.And published the results in the March 2012 issue, to be active in a variety of planning and fashion beauty as R’s then.

As qualifications, it introduces in detail “sore loser”, “there is a Noe teeth”, “makeup is like a baby” and “mosquito bite”, the characteristics of the tin in a magazine.Tin talks as “that you are loved more than anyone else the Ranzuki” the most important conditions of when become R’s, it is inflated chest to expect to! “Too fun Oh, Nante’s sister Chan Aya, it is to meet”.

It should be noted that the application deadline is November 21.Let’s check “Ranzuki” the December issue of the magazine for more information.(Model Press)

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