White Taku driver consultation in trouble … and police customers, protest = Hangzhou in the nude last

That driver taxi unauthorized sales, “white Taku” so-called, was consulted to the police trouble with a customer is caught in the trigger, and the “rarity” that protest is naked at the end, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province I was generated by the inner.Chugoku Shimbun has reported.

The 9th, the driver was carrying two passengers in the city.Not meter, and that starts working in the fare of 20 yuan a result of negotiations.However, repeat unreasonable lane change and overtaking at breakneck speed, it was almost hit several pedestrians and automobiles and other.

It becomes bickering passengers to protest, the driver told the passengers as “Oriro”.Passengers to reject the payment, it became a fight again.

The driver was asked to “mediation” in the traffic police and was close.Because there was no meter in the car police officer is seen, as there is a suspicion of unauthorized business is illegal, and contact the Corps Management Act enforcement transportation management that is responsible for the crackdown.Same management personnel will take over the process, on hearing the situation from passengers, was the disposal of “temporary custody” a taxi.The driver, was told at a later date, when you notice the disposal of formal.

The 20th, the driver was called to the management team.Law enforcement personnel including a plurality of women (staff) was compatible with the management team, but the driver continued to deny the illegal sales.There is evidence is “fact personnel law enforcement.It says we, etc. “not certified illegal operations lazily, it became quarrel.

The driver stood up after a while, and showered verbal abuse the (verbal abuse) to personnel law enforcement, saying “when a large piss, I’m going to take off all your clothes” or, it began to take off clothes.The driver was lying on his back on the floor with open arms when it comes to naked.

Law enforcement personnel of women, no longer mute that too much.Law enforcement personnel men Come to “clothes.And warned not equal to a “report to the police, but the driver without asking, while moving around the room stood up and continued cursing the members from law enforcement.

One of the personnel law enforcement gives a choice of two “2 again.One, to speak that there is a need to speak wearing clothes.I warned the choice of the second, and we “would be to call the police immediately.

Reluctantly, the driver came the clothes.From getting naked, about 10 minutes has elapsed.Again, declare the obvious fact that it was illegal taxi business, law enforcement personnel fined 5000 yuan (about 59,900 yen).That was accepted finally driver.

commotion the driver has caused it, had been left to record the surveillance camera all.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)