I wanted a stadium like overturn the [Column] Shigeki Sugiyama concept

New Stadium Construction.There is no story to be intrigued about this.And I wonder what become stadium.Is holding course good wishes stadium and I want to complete, but I think the history of ever surrounding Stadium of Japan, it is attacked by anxiety about the same as expected.The other day, it’s the story of Gamba Osaka that conveyed the intention of construction in Suita.

As a condition of good stadium, it likened well it’s “theater”.The Stadium that can produce a theatrical space is good, dialogue and higher-up of J-League also had to mouth once.I also think that street at all, but the story’s there mostly blind.Importance of the stadium does not penetrate still in the world.(Like me), who trumpet the self-proclaimed stadium critics are not many never.

Why a football, when you are asked why you went to this profession, I have been listed first thing the contents of the pitch so far.”In Spain W Cup of ’82, it is because I look at the name game of Italy versus Brazil,” said, it has been said time and time again, but I want to emphasize, that it was seen at the scene of Sarria Stadium in Barcelona it it is in the.It’s why football (sports eventually) experience that put the body in the space has become addictive.Rather than Is saw the name game, it is the exact answer is because I want to encounter in the field name game, the scenes.

Number of names, there are not many game never the most.Towards the number of times that devour fruitless is far more common.Name game it is to encounter the time you forgot.It ‘s kind of the name game.Nevertheless, if you try Oimotomeyo the name game, willingness to visit the stadium becomes essential above all.If you do not Miidase pleasure in visiting the stadium, it is not possible to encounter the name game.It is so in other words.

Game content is also mediocre, motivation want to see the stadium name game is good is maintained.Why and have continued to this profession, is in a dense relationship Stadium.

Even if you ruin the football stadium is a good.The role of the Stadium, the big game beyond what football in soccer.If noticing it, to become self-proclaimed stadium critic word also two words also will want to say about the stadium, it’s a corollary.

However, the contents of the soccer game’s improvement possible, but the stadium’s improvement impossible.Any bad team, it is always a good game once or twice in the season.I me an interesting game.The play the name game is, is not the only first-class team of world.Can be encountered regardless of the level stadium’s universal.Stadium useless even to the poor, until it is demolished, it will remain through useless.It is not possible to give up a lifetime stigma.It’s why you’ll want to say, and what is decent if you make.

Construction costs of the stadium is insanely high.It’s a messy story luxury Given today’s world.

There is a need to become more cautious in the use of money.Punishment strikes if not used effectively.Ingenuity of the maximum is sought.The stadium was built in the World Cup for 2002, there was a big problem in that sense.It’s that this is a shame Kiwamarinai.Even though it soccer in Japan and shows the soaring, also good football, in order to appreciate it, “theater” is difficult to see a good football in poor.

It is a proprietary my (?Speaking at) Soccer deviation theory, it’s reality deviation value of the stadium in Japan, it is far below the deviation value of play.The Gamba Osaka, if you do not make a stadium above the deviation of Gamba Osaka football, soccer deviation total of Gamba Osaka does not increase.

By the way, I wonder how there are those of you who visited the stadium on the day the game of soccer has not been performed.Some stadium you have likely lonely quietly, there is also a surprisingly lively Stadium.
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