“Only the circumstances of that time” and “rules” double standard society 3?

 I will be sad to see this graph.Since 2000, for “employees who decided in his will that work for a nuclear power plant in the adult male”, power company employees about 2 times in order to keep the “exposure of 1 millimeter a year” I have employment.
 For some reason? Employee health is impaired and not limited to one millimeter a year It is because criticism of society.Person in question … TEPCO … you’ve been through this thing’s not cry when the Ministry of Education Minister as “1 year 20 ms to children in Fukushima”.
 If you have a good faith as a human being if, “it is useless.And I’ve been in 1 millimeter a year even in people who are working at the discretion of their own in the adult male in our.The sensitivity of the exposure is three times higher, the children of Fukushima’m exposed to force much less.You should shout “Please be 1 mm or less one year by all means.
 But, in fact, people of TEPCO I have a duality.World … is noisy, and because I may be increased electricity charges and also increase the employee, the employee is trying to 1 mm 1 year.But is that … there is no relationship to their children of Fukushima and whether sick.
 I will be sad to see the law and the notification of this two.Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (primary ministry) issued a minister notice “exposure limit for the general public is 1 year 1 ms” as always until now, repeat “smaller is good exposure,” said, including the doctor, nuclear officials law and I’ve been made to.
 Yet in order to reduce the responsibility of their own, and started saying “it may be the 20 mm one-year”, “If you lived in Fukushima is safe”, and “perk when the exposure” in cooperation with NHK nuclear accident occurs I was.NHK also has been the broadcast of “good child to protect the law” until the nuclear accident, but it was a mere camouflage.
 Everyone is the same as TEPCO.Do not worry at all, such as the future of the children, to hide if he too? Once said, (when the accident has not occurred) at that time, I’m just saying as a convenient yourself (when the accident happened) at that time.
 This people we’re teaching the Japanese, it is because I made a society “human good will be to answer the questions that were issued to go to the University of Tokyo” and.”Honesty, courtesy, good faith” and the like, there is a reason that people completely different is guidance important ability of Japanese.Education now because I have been sorting the “good people of excuse of ad hoc”.There voice.
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