Now, work is tough Ino most and 20 Daishain of two years at the company

According to a survey of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, that tends to decrease there is also the impact of recession working hours of Japanese.The opportunity to see in the newspaper or TV the word “death from overwork”, I feel like has been reduced compared to the one time also certainly.

But, should the workplace you do not obliged to work in the recession because there is also.Labor time wonder has declined really really.Mr. Kazuhiro Yamauchi of attorney familiar with labor issues, and questioned this.

And even though it has already been working overtime for a long time “In fact, there are plenty of companies that can not be declared.It is a question of self-reported statistics system can do much credit.In addition, as a result of continued recession, companies were holding back the adoption, there is also a workplace that are forced to work long hours in the amount of work that has not reduced the number of employees to have decreased ”

With event of death from overwork is to be close-up, responsibility for the company were to be pursued.It can be said that as say Yamauchi said, after the amount of work in spite of not reduced only employees decreased, to declare only “overtime” has been reduced, the labor environment also has deteriorated rather.

In addition, co-author “work rules and realities of the company to read the job hunting before” and (Junpo-sha), river people Hiroshi lawyer points out “one, which could have become terribly clear,” said.

Up long ago “in ’20, 40s, work Ino tight enough to overwork death was 50s.Now, in their 20s, 30s is Ino tight.20s will be ready in a bad sense, especially.In the company of Japan earlier, basically “grow” a new face joined the first year, the second year those.So was not unlikely that it is! To death from overwork from the first year.You can be allowed to “store manager titular” from the first year of joining, you can be given a quota is now. ”

In this background, awareness of side work “and because he was accustomed to full-time great pains to duck the strait gate, about this works also helped” that would be present.It’s attached to the job satisfactory overwork hell of job hunting from hell, in the 20’s in Japan right now, it may just be part.

(Interview / Kajino Sachiko, Photo / Inoue GaTsu也)

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