30th anniversary of entering the Chinese market, Shiseido human resource development project that dream come true

Ceremony of the 30th anniversary of the start of business in China Shiseido was held in Beijing Hanten.”Shiseido Jae China ’30” exhibition corner is provided at the venue of the ceremony, start-up of the “human resource development project that dream come true” was also presented at the ceremony.China Radio International has reported.

Shinzo Maeda, president of Shiseido, introduction that it is a thing that was derived from the passage of the Chinese “I Ching” and “ten thousand students 于此 goods” company name of “Shiseido”.In addition, with the feeling of giving back to the thing that I had a “company name, Maeda president is to help you to more beautiful women many also one of China.Was, “said I want to make an effort in the future as this mission.After a visit to Beijing in December 1980, it signed a cooperation agreement with China first light industry station, Yoshiharu Fukuhara honorary chairman, called the pioneer of China business of Shiseido deployment officially China business of Shiseido from 1981.Sales in the company’s China, has maintained an annual growth rate of 2 digits consistently since 2003, accounting for about 10% of the sales of Shiseido overall in 2010.

.Human resource development and one.Of local people want to grow up.It, “he said in the hope I think I work he’s a very important, human resource development is a big point as the growth of the company.

While operations in China, some of course be different in “during the day, the difference up to one enlighten each other in reverse, Inagaki SaiwaiAkira Division Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd. see what new The story was that it “became a power to issue.(Editors: Kenji Murayama)

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