“Soccer and English also completely different” puzzled difference of England Miyaichi, the Netherlands and

Bolton in the fourth round match of Carling Cup which was held on the 25th, Miya-shi Ryo Arsenal who played a middle participation is said and confidence, a challenge to the future of the club in the “Match Day Program”.

(For that you are able to play in the two games the League Cup), “is not surprised at all.To have experience that has been half a year playing at Feyenoord in the Netherlands.However, I am surprised at the difference in the Premier League and Eredivisie.Level of football itself has changed significantly, and we believe it that it is possible to get used to the style of the Premier is required now. ”

It was felt that studying English in “the Netherlands, and you progress.But, I was puzzled that the English accent is quite different to come to London, and to understand that everyone is talking about it is very difficult ”

Tactical surface or “techniques, and physical, I learned a lot of things in very recent months.I am confident play of their own to become better in that I believe the Arsenal, and strive to continue in the future ”

The Bolton after the war, Arsene Wenger director and suggest Premier debut around Christmas, Miyaichi to continue to step up steadily.Based on the experience in the Netherlands, for Miyaichi to analyze the current situation calmly, commander also seems to harbor expectations.

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