How should we rectify disparities wages “average” of men and women? ─ foolish question of sociologist-Komiya Tomone

 Please tell us your evaluation of Kokura – Sense for the average wage gap “between men and women question to Kokura Hideo lawyers sociologist-Komiya Tomone Mr..”Not illegal Speaking if anything’s illegal-it’s illegal do not know-whether-either it is not-bad”.None Yes.I want to clarify a point “is a foolish question.In other words, I want to check the meaning say Ogura of “abstract”.
 Because there is the Equal Employment Opportunity Law in Japan today, it can not legally be that discrimination (male / female) gender treatment and adoption.Therefore ostensibly in no reason in gender, treatment and adoption has been determined.However, wage disparities exist in practice.(- Wage gap between men and women report of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) occupations, job title, age, performance, work experience, length of service, hours worked is because different in men and women.The reason why the factors of wage disparity of these appear, for example, the following four are considered.
 Differences in the preferences of men and women 1.
 The (see below reprint of the law of Douglas Arisawa, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau) have a large number of satisfying women not a few officers in the absence of promotion opportunities and salary housewife does not work earns a good husband.In other words, it can not be denied the possibility that many of the women have preference for low-wage and home the child was born, my wife is in charge of childcare than her husband, there is a possibility is a reasonable judgment in its home.
 Ability difference of 2 men and women
 The possibility that there is a difference in ability to men and women, it has led to the treatment and adoption opportunities, some of what little.Speaking economics, wage corresponds to the marginal product of labor to say first postulate of classical.Productivity of women may be low.Some studies say had struggled to pass qualifying women golfers can also participate in the United States men’s professional golf tour, or intelligence quotient is different in men and women.Such that there is no difference in mathematical ability because have been reported in men and women, there is doubt whether there is a difference in ability that can be reflected in wages, but it is tentatively potentially.Gender gap of low-educated The large, the impact of physical labor, such as might be strong.In addition, it is better to be described as the difference in the preference of men and women may be appropriate, but no significant difference in the college-going rate of men and women, but since there is a difference between male and female still in undergraduate to go, women are educated to seek the company there is a possibility not.
 Career disparities 3. historic
 Do not forget also for historical reasons.The generation that enforcement of the 1986 Equal Employment Opportunity Law, became a worker in the amendment before before 1999, since the stacked career in the era that has been discrimination, it suffers from wages low as a result.I thought there is a tendency to increase gradually wage disparities between men and women With the increasing age is, career gap historic also have an impact.
 Labor market 4. discriminatory
 And say whether there is no wage disparity in men and women, there is no such thing.There is an impression evaluation for promotion and adoption, so no doubt, room for discrimination against women of the employer enters a lot.There is a possibility that in an arbitrary manner, the employer when I was discrimination against women in recruitment and human resources, lead to wage differentials.Specific reason is more important than that there is a difference.Is questionable should be correct from the point of view of allocative efficiency (1) and (2).Will there probably (3), but do not know corrective is possible?.From the fact that it has been re-amended in 2007, the Equal Employment Opportunity Law is believed that he should correct with respect to (4).The question of Mr. Komiya Tomone, there is no only be called the most foolish question exactly.
 In other words, even if the average wage gap, the reason is not obvious.Data of the “gender gap do you mean discrimination against women?It can be said that it was also described in “, but also from the fact that speaking In addition, Abe (2005) and Sano (2004) has done an analysis of the gender wage gap, that it is not yet clear.The Sano (2004) also does not consider the employment history disparities (3) Historical, and does not take into account the difference in preference for (1) gender Abe (2005).It would be reality does not grasp the causal relationship that there is no detailed micro data, that there is a limit at the research level.
 On it was demonstrated that the labor market is discriminatory if it is tied to income inequality, if Toikakere whether to rectify the wage gap between men and women, most people have no choice but to agree.approach to labor economists are working on this kind of thing, but I feel like only have complained of the presence of discrimination dogmatism basis that sociologists are working.