To public security police officers appeared to sit METI before, and asked the authenticity of that rumor – Ueda MakotoMinoru

 “Sit-ins to 100 people women of Fukushima nuclear power plant that does not need” began from 10:00 October 27.The sidewalk of METI before, women cheer from the Fukushima prefecture outside also gathered, about 660 people sat down.
  Some gray-haired grandmother says “grandchild worry,” said mom or that brought young girl.To the hand it’s protest statement written in a cardboard.
  Activist Garden Ryota’s (pictured) appeared there.It is arrested on suspicion of obstructing officers from performing their duty in the demonstration against the discrimination and xenophobia of September 23, Mr. Garden was released on October 4.I talked to the garden’s immediately.
  Accident “Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant responsibility of the government and TEPCO.It must compensate the victim properly.To that end, the victim should raise a voice of protest more and more ”
  Look of the garden’s become suddenly steep, I turned around to feel the sign of life behind.
  “Public Safety, not come here!”
  partner garden Mr. yelled at is, middle-aged men in suits of navy blue.About 170 centimeters tall with buxom.I stood empty-handed.
  “You, people of the (police) Public Safety?”
  I asked, but the man’s silence.
  “(Police officers) have been hit on its own, Therefore Do a close arrest (in obstructing executive officers suspect)”
  Garden san Striking anger, men “What, the words are,” said according.2 people seems to know each other apparently.
  I’ve heard about the rumors anxious recently the author.
  “Police officers were dispatched to Fukushima is exposed, any person of that they died true?”
  Man replied immediately.
  ‘s “True.Parents’ home I’m Fukushima ”
  Garden san meddle.
  If it “, the other party to be arrested will differ.(And pointed the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and white arrest the guys ”
  Men and look down, I’ve walked away.
  Sit-in of women is continued until the 29th.