Chongqing = strew bill from the car on the street “Cagliostro” … like

Afternoon on the 27th, the bill is strewn from the car while driving, just like the beginning scene of the part of the animated film “Rupansanseikariosutoronoshiro” was waged in Chongqing city.It’s different from the movie, it was to glean the bill out into the roadway and buses come and go “extra daredevil” appeared in large quantities.

At around 4:30 pm on the 27th, suddenly, off-road vehicles that have been waiting for the signal has sounded the explosion in Chongqing large Toguchi Ward Kashiwa tree barbican.Blue smoke was just released from the bottom of the car, and that I thought “or punk” According to the people who had been riding on the bus for subsequent.

After a while, the hand extends from the inside window is opened, and began spread these bills that had grabbed.Bus begins to move Become a green light, 100 yuan bill is a large amount of has fallen to the ground from the window of the bus, it looked good.”Car in front is gonna have sowed the money,” said Rants voice that was bought to go in the car.

Who pick up the bill out into the roadway from the sidewalk after another.Motorman bus continued to travel as it is.There was no choice but to stare at the scene unfolding outside the vehicle in the face chagrin likely passengers.

Street Because of the confusion, the bus was slowly advanced.Who pick up the bill to come to the immediate vicinity of the bus and the Way Forward Many, motorman cursed loudly “How gold or more important than life,” said.

Off-road vehicles, sowed the bill from the window many times.Bus of another small and sudden stop, I began to pick up the bill the driver and passengers are jumping out from among.

People flooded the roadway after a while, traffic was stopped completely.Police officers rushed, I began to organize on-site traffic.However, off-road vehicle that caused the commotion that was after you ran away from the field.

According to the lawyer, it will be subject to punishment if it resulted in a dangerous confuse the road traffic and in the bill such as a membrane.If a traffic accident occurs, that is pursue the criminal responsibility.

Police are working to investigate the same matter.And called “because help in the investigation, I want you to pass on a voluntary basis a bill picked up” and for citizens who were on the scene.

100 yuan bill that has been sown is whether it was genuine, it has not been clear.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)