“Portrait yakuza” Shinsuke boss (5) Shinsuke was supposed to anglers?

At that time, a leading information was entered on the basis of this magazine reporter.

“Shinsuke are in Osaka,” he called.Certainly, it’s more of the best urban densely populated areas is the Klamath sight.Moreover, home town of Shinsuke.Immediately, I went to Osaka.

 Destination’s somewhere in Kita-ku, Osaka.Shinsuke is that he has been hiding in a room in the tower condominium towering there.Was to provide information to reporters, was a commercial parties Zyban.

“This apartment’m Nikki also become an effective investment destination, but Shinsuke seems to have smelt used as a second house rather than investment.It ‘s Nikki been witnessed recently, the figure went into the general woman of about 30 generations ”

Is it such that human skin that was missed by the boss of the Hegira indeed also prolonged.

However, it can not be confirmed figure of Shinsuke Matedokurasedo.Magazine reporter began Kikikomi.Then, one of the residents replied.

“Shinsuke? Only story I’ll Have you heard.Here, Eiji Bando (71) is I have a room.It is recommended for the Bando, and Ya do say that Shinsuke is buy Room, but Ya of Ann that I saw several times Bando, but I’ve never seen Shinsuke ”

The Bando you have worked on the business of numerous professional baseball after retiring.That means that the recommendation of the Bando, whether there is only an investment destination of boss is this apartment.

When it was about to broken hearts of reporters, Shinsuke sightings have jumped once again.

Awaji Island is a place.It is in Awaji Island, there is a resort condominium Shinsuke owned a famous story.I have introduced the Awaji Island was moderated by “Gyouretsunodekiruhouritsusoudanjo” in ’08.At that time, it was starring Matsushita Nao (26), and he has been guided around the villa of their own.

Reporters went to Awaji Island.And, I have found the footprints of boss.

Local fishing port officials say.

The “That apartment, something talent also because he often visited, we know local people.Come to think of it, I saw several times cruiser Shinsuke owned to retire after the exiting the harbor.I have smelt called Nante “Shinsukemaru” in the local.Shinsuke or was riding? Shirenne I do not know Yo, but he might have been riding ”

Shinsuke boss is what has become angler.However, even at night, was not that the lights blink on in a room of the apartment.

Shinsuke boss you dive in? Underground completely? Was closed.Day show up again I wonder if come.