tragedy can not imagine when you are trying to jump-start a car battery went up, and you make a mistake connecting the cable occurs

When a car battery has gone up, and revive by connecting a cable and a battery of other car “jump start”.I think it is learn in driving school, people who have knowledge as if not a large or have we had practice.

Photo referred to in this jump start, it would be a connection honest mistake, and has become a tragic result that can not be imagined had attracted the attention.

, Including the meaning of the warning of the person you want to jump-start the future, we will introduce.

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Too horror.

Result you happen to connect the positive and negative inadvertently, a place to connect the same electrode, then you’ve shorted.

[I see the image]
Seat also this street.

[I see the image]
Two cars at once par.It seems there was no odd also speed blazing battery.(Photo Click here for more)

It Fortunately injured person and was not out, but the comments of people who convey the risk of battery had accounted for many overseas bulletin board.

Here we introduce you to an excerpt.

Et?It was this happen How do I?

-I was allowed to cross the cable.

· What can be described as to cross the current.
Is not to be cross the current Rule 1:.

• When connected to a negative pole positive pole, short occurs.Battery of the car, 100 amps or more at engine startup (car large current flows considerably compared to the battery of the other.By the way, 1-2 amps at 9-volt battery).It does not matter because it is a short time when to start the car, but it would be a long time between short battery, and generates a terrible heat.It’s enough to generate hydrogen from the fuel.Hydrogen heat and cause a fire.This looks like that, and I was fire in the engine further Moeutsu~tsu.Red is red, lesson, I connect to the frame black or black.

Fireproof tattooed even thigh it.For storage.

· Correct order is this.
To the positive of the battery is dead the cable red 1..
To the positive of the battery alive the other end of the cable red 2..
To the negative of the car alive the black cable 3..
The body of the car is dead the black cable 4..
This is reverse order when removing.
Start from red short cable, it’s out of the car dead.

• The scary to think when you jump-start the car of others for no reason, this is happen.

· I was unsuspected’s possible therefore Mai Oh, this is the only cause crossed.

– I was taught, it was to lead and pliers that has been dropped if make contact, that chickie than pulling it.Man seems not fast enough to help save the battery.Flammable high battery, and a strong acid, it can play with intense force.There also be explosion from hydrogen sometimes.

· If you had been a mechanic for about six years, but I’ve done just this once.It was all speed, such as a bullet.

· You’re car barbecue.If you see someone burned up here, I will no longer be able to feel free.

Photo so like the night, plus and minus that there was difficult to determine in the dark also it could be.

There may also be conditions, etc., but to say that Jumpstart’s work with the danger seems to be that it should be put in mind.

A friend of mine was helping a girl jump her car … she crossed the wires

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