Accelerate the development of nuclear weapons effects = gave to Kim Jong Il’s death Gaddafi – North Korea

“Enemy of the United States” Bin Laden, Gaddafi and two people died in 2011.It has become a hot topic in China, and how and feelings “enemy of the United States” of Kim Jong-il of another person.October 28, 2011, have taken up this topic also “news of Gaddafi death has become a media ban also currently in North Korea” entry of the phoenix blog.

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According to the report of the Korea paper, Chosun Ilbo, Kim Jong Il that had received a strong interest in the whereabouts of the Libyan situation.However, this fact has not been reported in North Korea even now that after more than one week from the death of Gaddafi.Is not it because it is concerned about the death of the dictator does cause upset in North Korea, that it becomes an obstacle to the transfer of power to Kim Jong-un.

Also noteworthy would impact the death of Gaddafi has on the nuclear issue of North Korea.Gaddafi was abandoned nuclear weapons has made the tragic death.In order to not step on the Ninotetsu, it is assumed further strengthen the will of nuclear weapons, experts South Korea are analyzing and accelerated the development of Kim Jong Il.(Translation and editing / KT)