Intel lost to Derby, Italian paper as “pathetic Japanese forgotten” sympathy to Nagatomo

Section 10 Serie A is performed on the 29th, Intel Japan representative DF Nagatomo Yu-to belongs to play against Juventus at home, it was defeated by 1-2.

It’s Nagatomo played a full match at left-back, but was not able to and could allow a cross to Stephen Lichtsteiner face-to-face, and roll back the specter of a offense of Juventus continued around the iron in the scene of runs 12 minutes.

Italian paper “Gazzetta-dello-Sport”, ripped it with the team lowest in Nagatomo, the “4.5”, but to “Nagatomo has been the scene of two-to-one always”, and it was forgotten “, pathetic Japponeze (Japanese).Lichtsteiner, and (Simone) Pepe, (Mirko) Vuchinitchi was attacked targeted as Indians but Nagatomo, (Claudio) Ranieri coach does not take the deal to help Nagatomo.Comments abandoned without any help, and “was wrecked in a boat in the ocean.Can not be obtained help from the team, you have to Nagatomo sympathy that had been made to stand in the inferior.

Also “EUROSPORT.COM”, put a “5” to Nagatomo, was lost completely in confrontation with “Lichtsteiner.Rigorous evaluation in attack surface, and “did not even once Umidase effective attacks.I’m wearing a “4.5” in the Christian Kivu of defense also.

It should be noted that, of the microcomputer was the scorer of the only Intel highest rating of Italy paper “Gazzetta dello-Sport,” is “6”.”EUROSPORT.COM” wears a “6.5” Wesley Sneijder, microcomputer, Luca Kasuterattsu~i.

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