Chinese overseas media told of “shame” = IKEA China “wonders” – China

October 28, 2011, legislation Ban-ho posted a “topic in Chinese, of IKEA” wonders “= overseas media” article.

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Swedish furniture giant, IKEA sales.You are also expanding in China, but its “wonders” has become a hot topic.Crowd to flock to free coffee canteen.Toka’s are up to people who have a matchmaking IKEA not only it.If you go to the showroom, are up to people fast asleep in bed like home.

Overseas media US newspaper Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Singapore flower-shaped paper, Yonhap early report is tell this Chinese IKEA the “wonders”.Indeed, there is no difference to the picture surface is too funny is not considered in other countries.Attention by overseas media, the Chinese “shame” has had spread to the world.(Translation and editing / KT)