Next Lady Gaga, of raw meat “raw lettuce dress” wear?!

I found that Lady Gaga American artists, are required to wear a “raw lettuce dress” from (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) PETA India.

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According to some reports, for Lady Gaga on a visit to the country in accordance with the F1 Grand Prix debut in New Delhi, India, PETA request to wear a sexy dress that has been produced in raw lettuce.

Meaning respect for Indian culture there is a spirit of animal protection, such as the importance of vegetarianism that have been put on the dress.

Of 2010 at the “MTV Video Music Awards” ceremony, Lady Gaga talking about wearing a dress made of raw meat.If Gaga agreed the request of this time, PETA produced a raw lettuce dress over 5-6 hours, you are going to put the engagement applying a water spray to prevent lettuce from drying.(Model Press)

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