Or serve as the hit following the non-alcoholic beer shochu appearance at last

In the plateau, non-alcoholic beer has increased sales beer demand.So, shochu manufacturers began selling the “non-alcohol shochu”.

While beer domestic demand sluggish, poured into one after another new products low-malt beer and health-oriented, such as carbohydrate calories and zero off, and third beer, companies are trying to Yobiokoso demand.However, there is also the influence of alcohol away from young people, demand does not extend to think.There’s been noted, it’s non-alcoholic beer.

Among them, I may say beer style sodas 0.00% alcohol content of the world’s first, since its launch in April 2009, non-alcoholic beer Kirin “giraffe free”, are gaining popularity.Domestic shipments of 2010 of “giraffe-free” 520 million cases.Given that the number of annual sales plan originally released was the 630 000 case, it would be nice to say a hit considerable.

It has had its eyes on a survey of consumers, shochu maker of Kagoshima Prefecture.According to the Kagoshima Prefecture brewing union, Shochu shipments of Kagoshima Prefecture internal production of (June July to the following year) in fiscal 2009 144,804 km liter, decrease is followed by a peak of 155,900 km liter in 2006.Therefore, the aim of hit products following the non-alcoholic beer, brewing manufacturer of Kagoshima Prefecture began the sale of non-alcoholic shochu.

It was released the non-alcoholic shochu of 0.00% alcohol content is, Obasa brewing Kagoshima Prefecture Hioki.Since the charge as from rice malt and sweet potato in Kagoshima Prefecture, it is distilled, it is possible that while being a non-alcoholic, and enjoy the deep flavor and rich aroma of shochu.In addition, calorie and carbohydrate also is zero, it’s also recommended for health-conscious person.Trade name “Kozuru ZERO”.230 yen is the price of one small bottle of 300 ml.I can buy, such as mail order on the Internet.

The non-alcoholic home of shochu shochu “Kagoshima” departure from, or become a hit following the non-alcoholic beer, eyes will in future.

· 10 million yen annual income exceeded “beer company well-paid” at the age of 40
– Is lower than in ’30 before meals of boarders, the 1st in the “783 yen”
And methods to undergo LASIK surgery, at his own expense almost zero
And pressure spats, successive trouble of health

Isamu Saito, Hideyuki Kato [Author]

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