Also nursing figure of Oshima Yuko! Not made and baby “I AKB48?To voice! “Of” overkill “

I found that from noon November 1, the official provider of AKB48 “AKB OFFICIAL NET” to start service.It was announced on October 31 at the AKB48 official blog, award-mail address the use of “@”, such as AKB48 theater tickets frame of the provider for membership are provided to members this news.Among them was announced as part of the special content for members “AKBaby (Eke Baby)” attention, would be.

It is not made and baby “I am on the top page of AKB official net that has been established already?Along with the catch copy exciting called “photo smile Oshima Yuko while nursing the baby has been published.This offer service to use your own photos and members of AKB48, and being able to create a baby.Select the Oshimen, “You only Email face your photos to the official website.Baby photos that closely resembles the two people are ready.Of course, baby photos completed gift! The thing has a “baby photos can be between two people if you send a photo of yourself by e-mail that has been sent.It is scheduled to sequentially, fifth edition to be published in addition to Oshima Yuko first step, Kashiwagi Yuki, Shinoda Mariko, Watanabe Mayu, members of the “mother” and Maeda Atsuko,.

“Crazy” and “It’s like AKB, but this’ll draw indeed” and “amazed” on the net immediately for this “AKBaby”, the voice of Don pulling surprises and is up.

“Why can not I love” month 9 drama has appeared in (Fuji TV) currently, Oshima plays temporary staff a late crop, the Hanzawa Mako.Oshima go to the men’s house in unrequited love, and go to bed in his underwear as well, go home without doing anything in the broadcast of October 17 is this first episode.Scene to confess to a housemate! “Because I’m a virgin …… something I” then.On the net has been a situation that inundated comment “Oh came virgin declaration”, “Oshima Yuko 23-year-old, whose nor does it yet,” and the response to this.

Immediately after you have raised a great deal on its maiden set of “drama, it is not made and baby” I figure in nursing?So I “.It is surprising to skittishness of Oshima has undergone transformation at once to pluripara from virgin, but I guess some men to Moe super breastfeeding figure with that catch copy.There is also a voice called, but a little too much …….In addition, not only your own photos in the “AKBaby”, since make pictures of children, such as comedian and actor, a photograph of a variety of men, it will rise bout the service after the start.This year, we appeared to be “Aimi Eguchi” made from the parts of the face and hair of members from promotion of Ezaki Glico of “Aisunomi”, but reminds me that the uproar “(entertainment writer)

It’s AKB48 group yet idle population and to sell extreme benefits, also began entry into the provider business, but can not be completely discarded the possibility of the future, will do business expand extensively further.

“The current AKB48 has also performed CM appeared in” Kateikyoushinotorai “, which target students.Baby creation service of this time, but it is for men of sweet seventeen, which is the main fan of AKB.If you come up here, in the future, there may also be Nante business development of housewives for business and for the elderly “(same)

And, if accustomed to as writer of the preceding can imagine, it follows that AKB48 will continue to reign as the Idol, who is close to your “cradle-to-grave” exactly?
(Statement = Kondo Chikage)

(※ image: AKB48 official provider than “AKB OFFICIAL NET”)

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