country which is the biggest threat in Japan [China] Chinese BBS think?

Country that is the biggest threat “to Japan bulletin board Baidu major Chinese search site?Thread of the questionnaire with that “was erected.First place in the 58.8% is China, followed by the United States 36.2%, 25.4% Godzilla, was 17.6% Russia results.Will be introduced and translated into Japanese below answers and other answer why.Rustic and impressions by editing unit in ().

● UK Highlands soldiers from Russia I send soldiers to the Northern Territories.

● It would be China actually t1069326572.China and India but has become stronger and stronger, because Japan has become more and more weak.

● threat of Russia is not so big for the Love of Japan Maki.Russia does not emit hand Unless Japan nothing.

● What countries have you been Inoue dragon Godzilla? (Hey different)

● there is a deep-rooted thing is that the fear of Russia s9821 Japan.But I would be China Speaking threat.Japan also kneel Taiwan Returning to China.

● real threat for the crazy KenSen Japan America.The next Russia.

● Godzilla I do not chosen because there are Ultraman to Yutakakate Japan devil I.

● As long as the hegemony of the United States ewprod does not decline, a safety problem does not occur even if Japan falls no matter how.Point is that it can do promotion the military before the United States to decline.

● You’re creamyws America.Way of the United States is the same as under house arrest.Now that you can not develop skills of scientific research and defense of the country is limited.

● in Japan inside the potential danger of Japan’s largest Jurio.Chinese, Koreans, North Koreans have played the Three Kingdoms in Japan.No influence in Japan inside the United States and Russia.

● It is not a war … a formal if fire a poison dumpling incident several times after the medium-specific magic 落空 China Chi, but it’s the beginning of chemical warfare.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)