There is no reason the earthquake of opportunity “TV tax reduction request” TV is relieved

For TV journalists, public anger It’s a very Bajitofu. Unprecedented misrule that exploitation wealth of national consumption tax increase, of 70-year-old paid pension despite the progress steadily, they do not criticize it squarely.

Was there on the inside of the power a TV it’s from a long time ago, but ran to power advocacy blatantly far, you have come to peddling blatantly also power side is that recent.

Commercial reporters to explain.

“Theater of” political advances rapidly to the “Koizumi era, politicians to take full advantage of the TV, I was strengthened patronized scholars, to the patronage of the commentator” education “bureaucracy also incorporate the technique.On the other hand, the side of the TV also began to issue their demands to free and open ”

Radio auction one of the request, had been considered during the DTB of a (※ 1) crush, cross ownership reform was (※ 2) crushed.

And television industry that is fully and Zocho is trying to reach out a hand to money of the people finally.It is founded “TV tax cuts” (communication and broadcasting system disaster recovery promotion tax system).

Nominally the Great East Japan Earthquake, and impudent that (compressed to one third five-year tax base) property tax incentives and (special depreciation of 2 years) Income tax preferential treatment of disaster for new facilities television, radio, telco I is the request.

However the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has already incorporates the tax reform needs of budget request, this amendment that nobody criticized coverage, likely through smoothly is high.Needless to say, it is not the original, such as evidence that only television station is relieved especially in earthquake.

It has had a license for free to existing television stations assigned arbitrarily radio waves are public property the government in [※ 1] radio auction / Japan.System and that attempts to open the radio waves to new operators reform it, through the use license auction of frequency band.It has been introduced in many other countries.Democratic Party was flying the introduction in the manifest of 2009 but it was completely removed from the Radio Law amendment of last year.

Called cross-ownership that affect [※ 2] cross ownership reform / newspaper such as equity participation in broadcasting industry, a particular company to the media under the umbrella of a large number.DPJ birth, Kazuhiro Haraguchi Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (at the time) and colleagues aimed at legislation of cross-ownership regulations, but tighter regulations have been shelved in the amended Broadcasting Act of 2010 established.

※ 11 the November 2011 Shukan Post