Say beheaded in prison in Saudi Arabia

Speaking of Japan, Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia, and is known in the game of Sarkar and imports of crude oil from the country of crude oil reserves in the world, but in the land of Islam originated, it is governed by strict Islamic law It is also famous for things.

Corporal punishment is often the crime, beheaded in public executions have been carried out even now in death penalty.In (shooting from a distance) image of public execution of the September 20, 2011 Recently, quickly in a corner of the parking lot of western Saudi Arabia Medina City Medina, it is unsatisfying Sumasa.When viewed from Japan with a hanging, it is appalling beheaded at the sword, but according to them, it is a certainty in an instant from death by poison injection or electric chair, and say it’s way of humane death penalty.In the right image, venerable Boondock Saints is going to Oroso Swinging the sword right now.

It was been executed it become 44 this year at a glance Sudanese Abdul Hamid Bin Hussain Bin Moustafa al-Fakki.On charges what you say magically.Lebanese Ali Hussain Sibat above are recommended sentence to death already, but the accusation seems to sin to say, “We predict the future”.It seems worthy of the death penalty in the Islamic prophet there is only Mahomet.Is said to have 140 people in other death row in this country, I have expressed opposition to the abolition of the death penalty proposal of the United Nations.See article