AKB48 Oshima Yuko, cheating confess “good unless Bale” view of love

In Cover Girl magazine released one day women’s magazine review / November “mini” of the December issue, Oshima Yuko of popular idol group · AKB48 appeared.

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◆ Oshima Yuko forgiving cheating?

Oshima Yuko continue to attract the world in a variety of day-to-day look Idol, actress, and model.I’m dressed in a cute “Mote boyish” style incorporating check, such as leopard, a patterned Fall trend in a magazine.

In “Why can not I love” month 9 drama currently being broadcast, she enthusiastically to the temporary employees, Hanzawa Mako would have been Kemutagara as “heavy” from men.In an interview that was approaching the view of love, I think it is good if no “Bale about cheating men.It is showing a calm and reassuring one side and a “must come into the ear of my.

◆ dress surgery trend outer

In the “law of the outer × pants” special feature in the current issue, and once introduced the trend of outer excellent compatibility and pants style Mote boyish further.

It was a dress jacket coat that you want to get to one this fall, phase Takeshaki Actress.It’s attention to “Corde uncle” exquisite tailored check shirt denim shirt.(Model Press)

Attractions featured this other here

• 7 change SNAP and loincloth wearing one

· I do not want only “dry boots” this winter!

· In My Head of CNBLUE! !

• The Let’s master the three major trends in winter

• The Iyashingo tired of everyone

And as a special appendix to this issue, “BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS × mini plaid pocket tote BAG” comes with further.

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