The Prime Minister Noda comment on! “Ended up making baby” Oshima Yuko

Official provider of AKB48 “AKB OFFICIAL NET” was launched November 1, 2011.Can be synthesized photo by combining photos of AKB members and face photo of the user, born in between two people of the “baby” centerpiece, but “AKBaby” service.

In the event October 31 of (2011), Oshima Yuko was appointed to the CM character showcase made from the face photo and its own Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to “baby”.There was a comment that “was relieved to have similar to Oshima-san” from the prime minister’s “like father” Speaking of either eyes per.

It is a service of this time was also courted controversy somewhat from the fan, but how I was impressed with the “~ I mon Da~yo to be amazing,” If you look at the blog of Oshima.It was PR “Come and I try to do a trial,” he said.