Give me doing more and more mis-Come on!

The human mind is more complex than he thinks, and to understand it is difficult mid people.So it’s of course the mind of others is not unlike his own, and it is impossible Nante to fully understand even family.In this world, race there are many men and women are present.Some wealthy people, some poor people.But even admit that these “differences” even wonder such should be banned.Mind you first, but it is also not want to spread the sexism and racism, I’m not a position to allow.Concept of eugenics and social Darwinism is the history of negative of mankind should not be allowed simply.But I, I I think that it makes good use by or recognized these differences, and to praise, to better our life is, and why not such a good thing very.
 Recently, the problem of mis-ICU is a hot topic, the discussion seems to have intensified and divided into supporters and opponents in Twitter.In favor basically, I’ve been in contact with interest as an event in the “beauty pageant”.In recent years, we have succeeded in that the system of mis-have been increasingly sophisticated, by the child that many of the contestants, to appeal to the world to “own” while have a twitter account or blog, it opens the possibility.Contestants Popular possibly might have drawn attention than the election campaign of politicians.
 Use the word “(blank slate) Tabula Rasa” is a medieval Latin, philosopher John Locke was portrayed a new world image of the human.This is what “mind in blank lacking any character, so to speak, do not have any idea” as to deny the theory of innate ideas, you cast empiricism.Such as the sacred rights of the king and the authority of the Church, the lock has been commonplace until then, the opposition to justify dogmatic political system of society, had argued that should be considered logically from one I.
 Also Kant is a philosopher, listed as a philosophical principle was ingenious very “free” Given the historical background of the time.Human nature he was spread that “is free”.I think people who do not my imagination too obvious that it is now also a lot, but at that time subject to the desire of the maximum of (before and after the French Revolution) people it was a “free”.
 Beauty pageant has reigned as one of the stepping-stone to jump into the world announcer.It would be a lot of people to participate know, and people who are aiming for it It will not be less.And corporate side must are treated as an important indicator of one.It exists here, it is in the free will of the individual.Are not part of anyone being forced to, might be some people that are regarded as sacred arena the contrary increase the likelihood of future.
 In the world of us, discrimination exists in no small unfortunately.In the midst of competition, discrimination, may be present for the first time be in the foundation is a fact as long as it is, that there are the weak and the strong always to basically human.In the real world, is said human equality everyone everyone, and have the same value, and steering as fact.But discrimination exists in reality in the world.When you think about these things, who as something that the “discrimination person”, “discriminated person” is present, it is not considered to be condemned from the beginning might be good in the world.Because in the same way as likes and dislikes of things, discrimination, because the events that haunts universally in human relationships.Have you Once placed in such a position anyone Unfortunately, resulting in discrimination, and is sometimes also.It is not allow the discrimination of course, but it to eliminate to think realistically it is difficult mid people.
 It is that discrimination will be treated as “inferior existence” an opponent, but a dark spell demonic such as discriminatory word if the other party is not think so does not make sense.But it follows that to be effective in most cases.Also means that those who were told, it’s from being recognized as an “inferiority exist”.This thing can occur when the common wisdom was widespread.Everyone is human beings are living to have a certain “value of Conduct”.It creates its own norms such … Toka’s great and Toka’s great and Toka’s great and Toka’s great to be able to study, sports to be able to, rich Toka’s great, to be able to work, it is are you a social contribution I have.When will wisdom such, it deviates from the norm, people might discriminate against people.
 In this way, when we consider, it might be it comes to discriminatory beauty pageant is, because they create norms beautiful things that the great.But conversely, discrimination he is promoted as you can create such a norm, and if the conventional wisdom of this.That trend “is mis-discriminatory” and such has come along, so that it is considered to be divided into what is beautiful, what otherwise under the surface of the heart.This is what’s a spell demonic.
 Acts admire the beauty is that of universal humanity, and I wonder not that it is good be praise.That (sport skills) are excellent physical skills, is praised in the world.There is also opinion that you say it’s things that you extensible and tempered, but everyone knows that the element innate large Frankly.
 In our society, it is envy sports’re good, but that they do not suffer the disadvantage exceptional to say athletic ability is because inferior.Talent for art be the same, that the painting or are better than people, sing to or was good at not an essential condition on the go live.The same is true for “beauty”, or are jealous when born to beauty, there is also be pampered from around, but this is leading to something trouble separately in helping because you are not, to live would not even divided.
 It acknowledges the beauty pageant is, of a topic “Poritikari-in collect” for some people it does not even do not know, but there may also be that the discrimination is promoted by forbid strictly.Discrimination distorted too, and not as a problem of the way of life of individuals simply, even when it is not if you do not create a system of rules and as a social problem, there is of course.But I do not think absolutely against the beauty pageant, such system-making is the need.
 These things are forbidden, and future “Ayapan” “Katopan” If you wait too long and no longer birth, desire to work of salaried workers in the world are Ousset what it, it might be that the crisis of the economic downturn visit.By admire the beauty, people’s what you can give vitality, feel the mental stability.People love the “beauty”, business-called idle or made up in this world, is to Twink or touted is, I is the evidence that has been fascinated.To ban this may lead to taking away a person’s “free”.Once at such a thing if, sorry, is it not? Not stand large philosophers of modern.
 What I do philosophy – to know the society and their own (Iwanamijuniashinsho)
 Or “blank slate” (above) – the mind to think about the nature of human beings (NHK Books)
 Or “blank slate” (medium) – mind to think about the nature of human beings (NHK Books)
 Or “blank slate” (below) – the mind to think about the nature of human beings (NHK Books)