Character Love Korezo! “Asahina” full! [Ita G Festa 2011]

Things that are often said “Itasha is a method of one of endearment to the character, the body is a canvas to express it” and.
It is a pain G Festa 2011 leave people think of, it is on display Itasha full of love, but I’ve found a Itasha shining conspicuously in the.
To appear in The Melancholy of the character “are loved” is, “Asahina”.Representation can feel affection for each place of the car … Can you seen.

If you had up to this point, I would a Itasha it is well ….Not satisfied to simply wrapping the car, this woman has fully become a character himself what.(Maybe …)
In addition to the front of the car, until the chocolate which designed the car itself by!

The character is poured the love of so far, I wonder it would be happy it.
P.N.: nh.

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