Dave Okubo “there is Nakamura Tsuyoshi也 now thanks to director Watanabe”

Regular season of professional baseball has completed the entire schedule, I won the home run king in a stunning performance that put 23 this difference in the 2-position Nakamura Tsuyoshi也 and “refills kun” child of the Seibu Lions.Nakamura while emits 22 home runs in 2005, the next two years, nine is the number of home runs, remained at seven.What if he was overcome hitting slump, Dave Okubo, who provides guidance as a coach Nakamura once says.

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It was Nakamura grabbed a regular temporary in 2005, but the next two years, struggle at the plate.It is instead that it is not Strike continues, fear struck out, exciting home run was hushed shadow.2007 off turning point.Hisanobu Watanabe became the new coach is nicknamed (team “Sanpei.And the “Let me play for) the appearance and Sanpei of entertainer is similar, it was entrusted to Dave Okubo of new batting coach also this.

Nakamura to batting practice at the camp in the fall of the same year, was cramped indeed.It is because had put the hitting point in front of the right foot of the pivot foot.It is in the style since it was forced to two strikes, distance is not out.Still Okubo was wait-and-see for a while.

“He is stubborn because it is (laughs).You would have thought I was also doing business talent to it, what with, I taught to you.I had emanated an aura that, I say nothing ”

Practice late, Okubo says Nakamura and long-awaited.The dare to before the point at which the hit “.Nakamura try-sensitive’s previous 2m than now “and reluctantly.Then, hitting that shook lightly began to pierce the net of the curb.Distance also, the quality of the ball as well and I was greatly changed.

What’s important to skip “It is the angle.Incident angle of the bat if put at 45 degrees, the ball flies at 45 degrees and nature.Sanpei up to it, something seemed to hit the nail before the hammer is parallel.The thing to point forward, I began to strike with an angle of incidence of the ideal ”

In 2008 it was celebrated, a quantum leap and home run king for the first time in 46 lines.Okubo also said his mentor, but he deny softly.

There is Sanpei of “now is thanks to director Watanabe.Is not typing at all at first also in 2008, and come back with beautifully struck out.When you pass the order table to supervision, but for Nakamura much had been hidden by hand I also (laughs).

But the director,’m good, Sanpei and, because never use them.Pitcher struck out, it’s interesting in baseball, the batter I’d homer.Sanpei and let them give me hit a home run.It gave me a sense of security is the biggest ”

It was necessary what margin of mind to demonstrate technology.No, even strength.

※ 11 the November 2011 Shukan Post