Diverted to the paper napkin toilet paper, all over China = also carcinogen

In China, you can pass the “paper napkin” to customers even at a restaurant is not a luxury so often.However, I found that case to divert the poor toilet paper has occurred in various locations.Or may not be, shops that use the shoddy goods are often.That there is a case that does not meet government has also defined “paper napkin health standards”, (electrostatic carcinogenic) carcinogens are included.Chugoku Shimbun has reported.

Was examined Guangxi Nanning, Changchun, Jilin City, such as Hainan Hai City opening, it was found that the shop that provides a poor paper napkin to the customer is often.There is also a shop that by cutting the toilet paper roll, pass to the customer Fold.”This shop is small, you can not use only paper of this degree.Some restaurant managers who describe it because I think the audience is would be useful, and “are passing for free.

According to the store manager dealing with paper products in Haikou City, the price is extremely different in the adulteration and paper napkins neat.If paper napkin 29 yuan 1 package of commercial use but (about 357 Japanese Yen), in the case of adulteration at approximately the same amount 5 yuan to (about 62 Japanese Yen) about.

Raw materials of inferior paper napkin’s recycled paper.Use the bleach of a large amount, in some cases the removal of the bleaching agent then also inadequate.There is a case to be disinfected at the time of manufacture, but the removal of the disinfectant is not guaranteed.Furthermore, the elimination of disinfection, there is a possibility that bacteria present in the paper in the reverse.

Who wipe thoroughly with paper napkin dishes such as bridges and small dishes when using the restaurant is often in China.Can not be trusted to see if it is properly cleaned, it is because you try to reduce even a little risk of health damage.But than wiped with such poor paper napkins, sometimes to expand the risk of infection.Than was smearing tableware bleach, that there is a risk of cancer in the long run.


◆ chain of hamburger restaurants and fried chicken in the United States system of the full-scale entry commentary ◆ China (mainland) I’m over in the 1990s from the late 1980s.Not only was longing for a new food culture, people felt strongly the “healthy image”.Kitchen and store (kitchen) Not only is cleaning the rules exactly, product packaging and tableware is so disposable, it was perceived “risk of infection to disease is not” and also was a big reason.

Side chain stores are also aware of the “healthy image”, if you are a non smoking entirely in-store from the initial advance was common.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)