[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “Miss Seventeen …”.Why model Kiko Mizuhara stood out most in swimsuit examination of the audition?

Model Kiko Mizuhara increasingly popular has entered into a model community in the wake of the audition fashion magazine “Seventeen”.I say it’s her who are active also in the movie and CM by now, one of the reasons was chosen Miss Seventeen on a TV show, it would not in swimsuit review.

Kiko Mizuhara who co-starred with Yukie Nakama in the CM of cosmetics who is that “beauty?It was the spring of this year had been and attention “.It’s her debut movie “Norwegian Wood” in 2009 as an actress but that it raised the profile from this CM would certainly.

Kiko Mizuhara entered the model from the world that it has become “Miss Seventeen” in the exclusive model audition fashion magazine “Seventeen” in 2003.It’s up to the present, while activity in the CM and fashion magazines even while sandwiching the hiatus then.

It was broadcast on November 3 “good laugh! Her first appearance in the Telephone Shocking “, told the prehistory chosen Miss Seventeen.It was the contents of Tamori moderator also surprising is that episode.

Mother of Kiko Mizuhara is okay to apply for the audition of “Model?And that “, it was subjected to audition for” Seventeen “in she was triggered.Swimsuit examination he was done secondary examination to pass the exam.Kiko Mizuhara told that at that time, “everyone was wearing a bikini, but I was a school swimsuit,” said.At the time, because there was not going to become a model in the 14-year-old junior high school student, she is did not have, such as bikini swimwear.

Tamori did not laugh at the “school swimsuit?When asked with “, Suwon replied laughed,” but I, and “I was I passed it seemed attached to the eye.I do not know what happened to result unless a school swimsuit.

It is Kiko Mizuhara to be a 21-year-old, but it has changed a little as a model.It is not worn at work other than it is tiring and wear high heels, but had let me amazed the Tamori to reveal one side maniac to be “enjoyed looking at the room things shape sexy because there are many high heels”.

In addition, it’s such as insects say “work to be photographed with the insect is NO” and seemed weak equivalent.She revealed unpleasant memories has become traumatized as a child.It was the event that “it was a beetle to touch something by hand because it was attached to the neck around the back of the time I lived in Texas”.

That she had just said, “there is also a request to Toka and shoot tarantula”, Tamori was also disappointed in the downlink of the beetle.

Tamori was also acclaimed as “! Rare and only picture of trombone” Kiko Mizuhara this day is wearing a white dress picture of trombone was designed.Then, she was revealed to be “has been wearing just eyeing Tamori’s because a music lover”.

It is from being Kangu~tsu seems some respects clever Such her, that it might be had also aimed at school swimsuit at the age of 14 unexpectedly.
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