Serious injury run over by 8-year-old girls to refuse collection vehicles

20 minutes around 1:00 pm November 4, 2011, girls sophomore (8) collides with garbage truck in the staff parking lot of the school gymnasium west Municipal Wada Elementary School in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture Kamihakoi.The seriously injured sew a few stitches in his right leg, and was admitted to the hospital that has been brought.↓ According to Joetsu City Board of Education and Joetsu police station (click to enlarge) staff parking lot near the accident happened, where it went to the rabbit hutch in the staff parking lot back to the lunch break of the school, girls are 60-year-old man refuse collection vehicles are driving hit.Collection vehicle was where it finished the recovery in the garbage collection site in the rabbit hutch next to it came out towards the staff parking lot. According to the school, man was driving a garbage truck is, he Hakobikon to school while holding the child immediately.Girls are attracted to right foot, I was rushed to the hospital in the city by ambulance.  Parking of an accident is not a place that may not be able to play, but had called attention to the child car so come.At the time of the accident, that the children were playing two or three people.