Special relationship “employer liability” (5) of more than 10 years of Shinsuke boss

There are episodes that narrate a special relationship of the two people.I told also that when the magazine has reported that there is a propensity Shinsuke is stick to local profusely, there was a woman talent forthcoming to be “paddle does show you co ○”.

 The “On co ○ incident” was happening, it was filming after the end of this local program.The talent that was what forced, it was a H this.

Zyban media representatives to know the time to speak.

“That program is a toy of Shinsuke.It’s Nikki appeared is, you’ve done only favorite Shinsuke.H was also smelt quite liked to Shinsuke.But Na, Shinsuke did prefer docile woman, but, H is Ya type to put a straight man to Shinsuke and Zukezuke.But “On co ○ Incident”, “OH DEAR, H What did you do?You Say “, was smelt appease Shinsuke.Shinsuke is brood did like a woman of such strong mind, that two people have made since then, around also seems to have smelt noticed ”

Shinsuke woman who loved countless.How to take the circumstance consultation gently sometimes, or threatened to be “‘ll crush” Sometimes, mack was different.However, do not woman Yoritsuku everyone after retirement.

Also local programs that Shinsuke had appeared is H, 10 years after the end of the course.H spent without departing from near the Shinsuke this years.

Entertainment reporter says.

“H is rushed to the source of Shinsuke was curfew in the manager assaults of ’04, I had to accompany also seclusion in Okinawa Prefecture Kuroshima then”

Again, the bond of two people was strong.On July 06, H retired entertainment industry.Shinsuke is deeply involved in this.

“Work is also reduced, as a result of consultation to Shinsuke, from Shinsuke H you’ve seen Omoinayan”.Showbiz is Akan, such kept standing to bat.But the answer, just a practice swing ‘s “I get tired without a bat and should stand, H decided to retire.The November 06, H was within the general manager of the bar that is Shinsuke was opened in Osaka.And let me quit showbiz, I was to have a shop “(The reporter entertainment, supra)

Once you see the trouble until the end the woman who was having an affair, it is Shinsuke boss of skin truly.”H was smelt become a general manager, but it was smelt out every night to store almost.Well, kiddle mon such like mom.The brood mon drink while is recommended to the customer, I was also able to pass out drunk “(‘s media relations Zyban, supra)

However, H is left to the end of 2009 this bar.And it is that accompany the Hegira even now, or what can be described as became a relationship of business partners more.

Magazine visited the home of H.When you press the chime of the entrance, the door is opened and left on the chain lock.Mother of H replied from a slight gap.

──H’s do you have to act together with Shinsuke’s?

“No.And Mr. Shinsuke, it does not matter anymore ”

── The “other”, do you thing forever?

“After I left the shop about two years ago, I have heard from daughter relationship and no longer”

── here, H-san do you live?

Nonetheless “, but is not supported here.It is cheers for hard work but it does not matter really anymore ”

To intercept the snooping, front door had been closed.

It probably was a bond with H in returned the cup to Shatei one after another, Shinsuke boss is that of relying on last.