Korea youth “I’ll have the game overnight at ministries before!” Protest rally to “shut down system” introduced

Announced for advancement Party Youth Committee of Korea, to protest to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family to promote the introduction of “shut down system”, and perform a “shutdown system protests” in the ministry before 12 days.

The “shut down” system, intended for youth of the full 16 years of age, prohibited Jill bill until 6:00 the next morning from 0:00 the use of the online game.It established the National Assembly in April 29, the introduction is from November 20.

However, controversy is not exhausted there is also a voice to point out other youth of some such talk as “may borrow sneak a mobile phone of his father”, effectiveness has been questioned, and is infringing the human rights of youth The current situation is but.

The youth committee, you are want to know a lot of people the unfair of shutdown system that targets the youth by holding a protest rally.In the 12th, it’s going to potluck portable game machine, notebook, and home-use game machine in women family from the Ministry before 23:00, play games on the overnight.

According IT media in Korea “ETNEWS”, by the stress of “overtraining heat, I just disappear rest time of youth (19) youth who organized a protest rally.Remarks games are “said to be the last resting rights.On that day, was talking on the plan that reflects the outer wall and the building entrance of the female family Ministry of the game image using the projector, then the game even after midnight, and convey the intention of protest.

Since the case that young people addicted to online games will die in poor health may occur from time to time, the country side is promoting measures for which does not emit game addicts in South Korea.But, I have seen young people that are in outlet for stress and loneliness in the game, on the other hand is often also a fact, controversy over the shutdown system will continue even after the introduction.

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(Statement: Yumi Hayashi)

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