Real Estate Studies of the Yamanote Line

The in Tokyo now, we have to talk with a variety of real estate agent.

It is to talk Where that, or say if you buy a house in the real estate within walking from the station of the Yamanote Line in that, but the theory of I seemed interesting, and also introduced a blog trader san because us listened well.

When you have developed a luxury real estate in Vancouver, of course, customers who own way.And, most likely, it’s safe first to examine and, What are the conditions of real estate towards its will seek.It is the so-called security.If overseas, as much as possible, be provided with a certain degree of uniformity in human residents and those various things, such as not intersect is is important because you have a variety of people, especially.

It is that potential customers had in mind for example when you have a market study, was a shocking meaning that there is that there is a hotel development land and is a negative.Because you say that, do not maintain the uniformity of the area an unspecified number of people because out 24 hours in hotel.

Representative of the facility to become negative in the city near the stadium and baseball when you study the market, such as the same in the United States.Because various people is because coming to the stadium.

Metro Town has become a lower rating safety in near Vancouver.Large shopping mall is connected to the station at a distance of about 20 minutes by Skytrain from Vancouver, commercial facilities are also bristling around the station here.Not only train there as a result, every person I come around in cars.But, crime is why sometimes happens therefore.

In it would be where the upscale area in the Vancouver area.There is no bus service excepting British Properties West Vancouver’s worst, also UBC around the West Side in the difficulty to access.Either would be false Creek and Coal Harbour in downtown.

The same is happening in the UK.

In real estate Yamanote wayside of the main subject.Let’s consider a station that can not transfer in the Yamanote Line from the point of view that it is difficult to access.Then I have only four okachimachi, Uguisudani, Shin-Okubo, of Mejiro.Of, commercial area, which is connected to nearly Shinjuku and Ueno, Shin-Okubo and okachimachi exceptions little Uguisudani.Then I do not remain only Mejiro.

Started Gakushuin, Japan college as you know, Mejiro city schools are often.In other words, I will be that not only residents or students who come to Mejiro.Without a large commercial facility, it is not even in the city that comes to shopping.In other words, in terms of safety is of the highest rated.

Luxury residential area is where the difficult to access roughly often tell the truth in Japan.Platinum, Hiroo, Shoto, Gotenyama, Denenchofu, Jiyugaoka, etc. etc. Seijo in Tokyo.It is the thing surprisingly little place there that everyone is actually performed.Because it is a place not to go if there is no errands to it, that’s why I have a meaning as a luxury residential area.

You think that it is either funny if you thought to be in another dimension and real estate real estate shine does not disappear at any time so-called real estate Select by convenience and route number of a lot less likely to fall.

I think Mejiro station’s best for me as a place that you can access in an exclusive residential area, including Tokugawa Village, the Village Guards in a few minutes walk from the station as the Yamanote Line railroad in such.

In this neighborhood today.