Sake stop If you ever want to brag various drinking more than 12 hours Tsubakioniyakko

It has been a season of delicious drink, but also various celebrity How socializing sake.Beer Party exclusively camellia Oniyakko’s break during (39) as a pin entertainer.It is said that drinking 6 days a week.

Drink well Asahi Super Dry and if “beer.I’m like the where the aftertaste is refreshing.Order the French fries appetizer if you drink outside.You ask and cheeses and ginkgo also other, but I think some of the Kke salt is fit to Beer ”

situations you drink do not care about too much, drink house so to also drink outside.

I sometimes drink with people Some drinking alone in the “house.Or was with friends at the time of the university, I will drink with the launch of work.The drinking well’s armature If you wait and Kazuko Kurosawa, Ito Asako, both synchronization of Yoshimoto of three in the woods you were fellow entertainer ”

Oniyakko’s drinking at the end work is large.Along to the launch Petit alone after work.

“I’m drinking almost every day, but when drink after work, it will be good feelings”

Oniyakko’s people drink favorite likely to make friends.Shop and feet natural faces is Toka most tavern acquaintance to management.

I’m carefree it’s a store of “acquaintance.The fun alone, but I talk to someone even so fun ”

When I hear that her flow “stop criterion”, liquor sore Love comes through To acutely.

By got to be or supposed to feel tempted to brag a lot to drink “12 hours or more, and stop if you become so.I will quit immediately after sight Once you start to loose ”

Amazing …… too is the calm until I drink half a day!

※ 17 the November 2011 Seven women