[Entertainment vitamin ♪] and “It is Chobon miss”.Tegoshi Yuya haircut is the whole story of trauma “Twitter incident” of Miyagawa Daisuke.

Became the topic Miyagawa Daisuke comedy talent, would be to publish such as a cell phone number by mistake on Twitter in October.He is revealed in detail the circumstances of the time in TV shows then, was broadcast in November, but he was laughed it off from the surrounding.

The thing of October 18.that Miyagawa Daisuke is exposing the e-mail address and mobile phone number at Twitter has become a hot topic on the net.You delete the contents of the relevant in a hurry but Miyagawa noticed is spread by retweeted, a huge phone, only that they’re hung to him.

Later Miyagawa Daisuke and I’m sorry “.Had done.You have apologized that it “takes care thereafter.It’s so you change phone numbers.

Was broadcast on November 6 “to the world’s end Itte Q! Miyagawa Daisuke in “, it was mentioned about the Twitter incident I was witness I am not murmured almost” then, and “has become a trauma.

He told the details of the situation at the time further.Since I heard “son and composed fan of Miyagawa-san” and that day is supposed to be a friend coming to Tokyo, Miyagawa also tried to reach.But I was going sent “direct message (DM)” in him has also been slapstick, and let me tell the number of the mobile phone on Twitter.

Miyagawa has been smoke a cigarette you have finished feeding, mobile phone is the incoming.Upon exiting Miyagawa is thought to be a phone call from a friend to be! “Popular”, it was the voice of women who do not know.”You Miyagawa? Are you okay??”What You because she says”?I Kikikaeshi he also not know the meaning “.

When she said again as “!? Okay to write to the Twitter mobile number”, Miyagawa is also noticed in the situation for the first time.You can erase it How do I “?And asked many times to the woman, he tries to extinguish the “but it did not work quite.And I were being spread more and more in the meantime Retweet.

Tegoshi Yuya heard in the studio such a prehistory had laughed, “But I am Chobon miss” and it advances the story as “I shall be there was contact me” has changed phone number “”.

Miyagawa Daisuke are tweeting about 17 times after the incident at (11:00 November 7) the moment.It seems to have bounced back from the shock soon.It is not likely to have to do is simply referred to as “Chobon miss” If it is not careful so as not to make a mistake the next.
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