All employees bonus uniform at ¥ 200 billion market capitalization ZOZOTOWN

 Fashion comprehensive shopping site has grown to large companies 57 billion yen commodity turnover in seven years away from opening, that ¥ 200 billion market capitalization “ZOZOTOWN”.It is to operate the same site, it’s Start Today that Maezawa Tomosaku, a former bandsman chaired by Representative Director.

Snap Fashion magazine that was first published in October 31 In the “3 SAN”, and recorded interview of Mr. Maezawa is indispensable on to talk about the fashion scene of modern.I’m listening to the management philosophy of Mr. Maezawa says “extension of the hobby only became only work,” said.

Impressive among them, the ultimate goal remarks Maezawa said that it “can change capitalism”.For that it is a “normal” in the world, Mr. Maezawa says even “not wishing to be bound by money” is questioning this.

I think you guys a job after graduating from “school.Then, go to the company being shaken to train rush hour, to work through Friday 8 hours per day Monday morning.To be drunk in the tavern on the way back so to say ‘s stress (laughs).You might think this is normal, but I this lifestyle, do you really really human? I I’m think I.And because I was born in human much trouble, you want to the human way of life.So I, I believe in the near future, and want to change the “capitalist” in earnest “(Mr. Maezawa)

As a first step for that, uniformly, without any individual performance pay in the same title, the salary of the employees start TODAY Maezawa Mr..And, I decided to all employees the same amount bonus.There is a difference in salary is that just one corresponding to the title only.

And I was disconnected and money do my best “.The first place, because I think people are not not you work for money, or was for the happiness of the people, or useful to the world, and has been working for that kind of thing.It is thought and economic bill might go away if now, that there also be Toka try to act in thought “themselves whether they useful to the world”, and can be changed from consciousness “(Maezawa Mr.)

The company that changed the fashion of “how to sell” is trying to change the employee to “ways of working”.

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