To lose weight about 5 kg was withdrawn roast that had done 10 times in Kitagawa Keiko month

Drama that original Bestsellers 175 million copies breakthrough “Nazotokiwadinanoatode” (9:00 to night Fuji TV, Tuesday) is 18.1% first time viewing rate.Average viewing rate up to the third story and 16.87%, you have to keep the high ratings consistently.

Heroine Reiko to play Kitagawa, only daughter of a corporate group president world-renowned.While hiding their identity, serves as a novice at the National Criminal station it’s “daughter criminal”.Reiko is going to solve one after another Nanjiken while the help of Kageyama (Sakurai Sho) of invective Butler.

Whimsy of this story also set while that monkey, style Kitagawa also, is one of the factors of high ratings.

Model from “Seventeen” of (Shueisha published).Style was something flawless originally.But before we face in this work, Kitagawa is had ventured the “Shine body” further.

Entertainment parties to know the Kitagawa says.

A great favorite with suffix “super” is grilled meat, “she’m through it about 10 times a month if always.But it seems to have a “cut off BBQ” for a while during shooting of this drama.It had spilled well with “hoo! Eating Oh, is harami” even during shooting.I have heard that it was skinny 5 km near Compared to the beginning of the year.It is Kitagawa’s seen in natural character but, reads the original firm, it spurs role in making.Legs That is also the name of the skill to effort ”

※ 18 the November 2011 Shukan Post