In Okinawa shaking of seismic intensity 4, even in coastal 2 Ministry and China = thrilled testimony! “Shook”

59 minutes around 11 am on the 8th, was an earthquake to observe the swing of seismic intensity 4 in Okinawa Prefecture.The shaking of this earthquake, testimony seen as was observed in China, and felt the shaking Fujian, or the like Zhejiang is turned up a large number.Chugoku Shimbun has reported.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, Nago, Okinawa Prefecture, Ginowan, Itoman, Uruma, Nanjo, Okinawa City, Yaese-cho, Yonabaru-cho, Kunigami, it was observed seismic intensity 4 in this earthquake, Nakijin, Onna, Nakagusuku Village, Zamami, such as Tonakijima.In addition, also in a wide range of China, Shikoku and Kyushu, Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture and Naha, Ishigaki Island, Kagoshima Prefecture Amami, such as was observed shaking intensity of 1 and 2 seismic intensity 3.Scale of earthquake magnitude (M) 6.8, epicenter off the coast of the main island of Okinawa northwest, the depth of the epicenter has been estimated to be about 220 km.

On the other hand, in China, reportedly “scale of earthquake M7.0 class, 222 km depth of the epicenter,” said, and felt the shaking in coastal areas facing the East China Sea off the coast of the epicenter, such as Zhejiang and Fujian ” testimony “is rising.

According to reporters who work in branch office of Fujian Fuzhou City of Chugoku Shimbun, in the building where he worked, jiggle that lasted about 7 seconds.In addition, short posting site “BiHiroshi” in (China version of Twitter), about 20 minutes after the earthquake, “there was a while ago earthquake” by the user of Zhejiang and Fujian, the building of “out, shook Revealed! writing such as “wanted more information”, “flooded.I showed anxiety about shaking.(Editors: Aota road)