Why girls teenagers who Shanghai Did selling body?The China – think from a population compensated dating incident

November 7, 2011, subject to that of girls teenagers “compensated dating group” has been caught in China and Shanghai, extra-year-old summer critic poet (Shea Yutsu~ai) Mr. populations prostitution of “Shanghai girls teenagers is Who Sorrow?I was posted on the blog site NetEase China Expo visitors an article entitled “.Following its contents.

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Dating group that has been caught in Shanghai and in more than 20 people, children under the age of 14 also They included two.Why, such incidents is what had happened?If you have just packed education of the test center also urging that we have neglected the moral education or would not you’re coming around.And It’s a shame it’s that the parents and teachers of the girls did not notice.Some one person adults nestling into the darkness of the mind, girls also would not have or sell body.

Test scores is everything education scores principle.Height of the points scored human values, while it becomes hero, climate evil of performance that is despised is born who have a good record.After graduating from junior high school, most of the girls had go on “technical secondary school”, “vocational high school” and “laboratory school”.Compared with a normal high school student, it’s the children that have been treated “human low first class”.Such unfair discrimination hurt the hearts of girls, and probably went took the confidence and dignity as a human.

It is not if you do not observed in performance, can only look for in other.The girls It was found out in the society that it was covered in gold and greed was “compensated dating”.Gold can get if selling your body.If a lot of money, it is the presence to be reckoned from the others.I do not born being bad.Society education to differentiate only performance, greed infested.I think if there is such an environment and soil, population prostitution this incident also did not occur.(Translation and editing / NN)