Decontamination volunteer of “self-responsibility” Watch out Even if some problems occur – Arimura Mayumi

Ministry of the Environment began to recruit volunteers decontamination of radioactive materials in the home page.And that the “decontamination of the garden, etc.” at: (Fukushima City Council of Social Welfare and contacts) and Fukushima City: Date City (KopuFukushima Contact).
  For safety measures, heard in Fukushima City Council of Social Welfare and KopuFukushima.
  According to the KopuFukushima, work at 9:00 to 16:00, the accumulated dose during this period 9-10 micro sievert roughly.And that safe to work with the mask in ordinary clothes.
  We asked and how it if my health damage appeared under the influence of radioactive material if.It was the answer Iwanbakari and self-responsibility to be “since you’ll come in the last volunteer”.
  Fukushima City Council of Social Welfare also answer the same.Decontamination volunteers first performs the work on October 29, there was a participant of the 109 people.You are it was a 2-3 micro sievert approximate cumulative dose at this time.
  According to the Fukushima Crisis Management Division, Fukushima City record, cumulative dose of decontamination volunteers, to manage.However, later, when the decontamination volunteers complained of health damage, it’s doubt it is recognized as work-related accidents.I heard on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Bureau Labor Safety and Health section Industrial Health Division.
  “Decontamination volunteers outside the scope of occupational accidents”
  Get away with “self-responsibility” when you leave while recruiting volunteers from decontamination national well-intentioned, things go wrong.Even where it irresponsible government of this country.