Fan rage incident “Soufriere close association’s” past Hirai Rio Honda Tomoko (2) Women’s Ana ed “taboo” Encyclopedia of Japan to hide the “Idol Era”

Ana girls who add charm to the TV screen.Again, I’m having the same taboo entertainer.Moreover, she us company employee.Human relations in-house is also related to complex.

Advertising agency officials say.

The greatest taboo of “Female Announcer is a scandal of previous employment.After you joined, because I will be excavated.It is good if you about it was the models in fashion magazines, but short of the sponsor, the topic of man pretty bad ”

 Indeed, the taboo of this kind is very large.Ayako Kato Ana Fuji TV (26), that it had been dating the host to junior high school age was reported.Also, Midori Matsuo Ana Fuji also (28), love affair student has been reported as well.Fuji TV officials speak.

“Of course, in front of the people themselves, the topic is NG.Ana station in parentheses, troubled and not shortage the topic of their hands.But, Ino Yaba really, it is scandal of Honda Tomoko (28) ”

Furthermore, it is has become a treasure trove of taboo, is (28) Hirai Rio Ana Fuji.

That girls Ana earlier, it was idle, but a famous story,

And because was reported from getting to the “Women’s Ana,” the song Toka “was poor, and Toka” was dislike shaking hands with fans of geek habit of “B-class idle, and the idle period in front of Hirai himself again It is not possible to talk “(‘s relationship Fuji supra)

Kiwametsuki taboo Hirai Ana would be a “fan rage incident”.

It is one review is to throw away frankly the group efforts that I got from the “fan, that was Tsumeyora from fan.Duality of her was famous from the Idol era.Fuji immediately after joining, bifurcated allegations also been reported, and there was no surprise, especially fans of the time “(entertainment writer)

Documented has not been about entertainers, but seems to be a “co-star NG” also girls Ana.

Or there may be referred to the University of Tokyo graduate was turned to free from Nippon TV in May “this year, Yamamoto MaiKinuko (33), … pride is high anyway.The station Ana era, the comedy trio “diagonal & deg; 45” in the morning show in anger suddenly that when you picked a quarrel and was prevented progress, it was mad and I “do not want to co-star anymore!”.Although I is a victim of circumstance for them “(NTV officials)

In addition, there is a deep-seated feud also Hirai Ana (30) and Tobe Yoko Ana Fuji.

“Hirai reportedly dating director was the ex-boyfriend of Tobe of senior.It was packed and being called to the toilet from Tobe that was furious.If you are pulling the tail still, are you talking on the 2 all alone I is not seen “(‘s relationship Fuji supra)

In addition, of NTV feud girls Ana and Corps heavyweights moderator also called serious.

“Fukudome’s Isao (69) is, I’m a total Scandic from women Ana former club.Serious Fukudome’s because I pretty tough person under.Due you have become scattered etc. a calm girls Ana junior NTV, I’ll have been avoided “(‘s relationship NTV supra)

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