Reason to stay in the EU by far so what? Pride of Greece from history

We are struggling Greece while being ridicule from investors around the world, still trying to stay in the eurozone.

There is also a thought If you start over from scratch again by Greece to leave the euro and return to the drachma is good if the logic of the market.

In that case, the middle class of Greece (middle) will be “Doka poor” state in the international comparison drachma since crash.This is the same middle class of the country that was devastated after the peso crisis of Argentina just.

But it will ease the pain of everyone around also becomes poor uniformly as long as you are in the country.

I can not stand your own becomes poor in things human strange, but I Ryuin is down If you look at the manner in which everyone around has also become the Bimbo.

However the price of imported goods will jump.So imported goods inflation will occur.It means that you can not buy anymore (Benz, for example) luxuries of seaborne.

international competitiveness will resuscitation that while the drachma falls because it means that the wage cost of the Greeks in general lower when viewed from abroad.The hotel will also be thriving vacation in Greece also becomes bargain state drachma depreciation.

That’s also likely to give up once, if you reset all, be better future Greece.(In fact, the same thing has been observed in Mexico, Argentina, and Russia most countries that have experienced a currency crisis, to be specific).

But people of about 80% from 70% of the Greeks hope you “I want to stay in the eurozone” When you poll.

I’ve been wondering why this one’s historical factors.

That is why there is a certain prestige in itself that you are using the euro currency in the member countries of the EU.This difference is important in the context of comparison with Turkey next door especially.

This would be re-called problem of public sentiment.

For example, there will be a shift naturally between the Koreans that feels daily against Japanese and that the Japanese are feeling daily against Koreans, and the same thing and China, “Japanese people “, is also true in the combination of Russians” and “Japanese further.

That is not limited to only the Japanese, the people of the world I such that that have for foreigners a variety of public sentiment for historical reasons.

Well, in the case of Greece, located in the relationship to be vigilant with Turkey next door.This is the same as French is to alert the Germans years even after just how much.

Greece was slavery in Turkey in the era of the Ottoman Empire.

Humiliation of Greece at that time is clearly seen in the Hölderlin “Hyuperion”:
I empty Ionian, hear my words.
Listen, the land of the motherland.
You are now half-naked like a beggar woman, I’m dressed in rags of glory of ancient.
Sun that nurtured us.
Behold, our morale, forced to decline even under the drudgery.
“Hyuperion” was published in 1799, but the resistance movement against the Turkish domination of Greece will increase from this time.

Romantic poets of England, Lord Byron will be complicit in the Greek independence movement in 1809.

Turkey dispatched a fleet to Chios island for this independence movement, and then slaughter the islanders of 20,000 people.

It is drew the sight famous works of Delacroix, “massacre of salt” is (1824).

Speaking by changing the words, is why there is a history that went back to a member of the (Europe that is) from the West (ie Ottoman) Orient at the expense such Greece.

Well, today Turkey is not a member of the EU.

Euro problem is all over the place about this, problems of common currency despite being discussed, Turkey is eager to join the EU.

Turkey has started the groundwork to participate in the EU in 2005.

However, there is such opposition from Cyprus and France, this is not yet implemented.

Turkey has promoted the economic management steadily in line with the “Guidelines for the stability and growth” indicated by the EU is not discouraged even these opposite.

Incidentally GDP growth rate of the first half of 2011 the country has exceeded the 10%.

EU participation of Turkey would be a long way off still, of course, but I think pride of the Greeks is not allowed Greece than was dropped from the EU when Turkey rival is imminent to join the EU.