Hurt is not only Itasha! [G Festa 2011] pain pain motorcycle

It’s painful to a two-dimensional character is is not the only Itasha.
Pain motorcycle you have hurt the bike is also present fairly, the figure of motorcycle pain of a fine volume was also seen in pain venue of G Festa.Or for room to put a sticker is required, road bike full cowl is, I’d like the mainstream if you are hurt on the sticker as Itasha bike.
Color Rings these I look good things of design originally avant-garde so many bike full cowl.

Also fellows are making original cowl unique Nakaniwa.The only sister of the ring To Heart2, character is egg-shaped cowl?
In fact, the base of this place I’m an electric scooter Tteyuu “Motaponko”.And novelty of front drive! It is truly maniac.
And I’m a scooter may look past this article …

Marisa riding a Pokebai also – It is down fun

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